GAG Order Records and its staff are happy to offer you this outpouring of recommended links. Our goal was to make this fairly qualitative with our stamp of approval. With that in mind, we're not shooting to break any records by offering you a million links. Besides, we know that some of you have lives. With the 14 link categories below, we hope that these links will entertain you as well as educate you. We encourage your feedback in regards to sites we may have overlooked or sites that have broken links or are outdated. Pick a category below and enjoy your journey.

SONGWRITERS and RECORDING ARTISTS:   On the first leg of the journey we become fans ourselves as we link you to our favorite musical discoveries and treasures. You are guaranteed to find some gems here. Let us know if we introduced you to a new favorite artist or reunited you with an old favorite.

THE SONGWRITER'S COMPANION:   We know it all begins with a song. We also know that in this business you can't do it alone. That's why we thought that all you aspiring songwriters could use some company. The tools and resources to improve your craft are only a click away.

MUSIC SERVICES:   Here you will find your future team members and suppliers. We introduce you to record stores and distributors; music attorneys, CD manufacturers, printing and graphics specialists, web page designers, music administration services, and more.

MUSIC PRODUCTS:   Through our years in the studio, on the road, and working (playing) at home, we've come along some products that have become a part of our lives. In case you are wondering, we don't make any commission on any subsequent sales.

RADIO GAGA:   If you don't have a million dollars to push your song on the major radio syndicate, look to the second and third waves of radio. There are commercial stations in secondary and rural markets that will relax their format or expand their playlist. And for all you commercial radio rebels out there, you now have internet radio stations all over the place. Some will let you program your own playlists. We've also included radio promoters and other radio-related items here.

RECORD COMPANIES:   |We just want to let you know there are some fine independent and boutique labels hiding out there under the radar of all the majors. In some cases the majors are buying them or pretending to be one of them.

RECORDING STUDIOS/PRODUCERS:   Our list ranges from the small professional home studio to those you have always dreamed about. We've included related studio services and producer sites.

MUSIC PUBLISHING:   Who are they? A&R executives, songpluggers, middlemen, managers, catalog sentries, or intellectual property crusaders. Maybe, they're just music people wearing lots of hats? Well, here's an unqualified list without our 2 cents worth.

PRESS:   Upon further reviews, here's a listing of magazines, newspapers, e-zines and other media outlets.

MUSIC VENUES:   Here we link you up to some of our favorite places to hear music. Some of the places bring back favorite memories. Unfortunately, some memories we can't share with you until that venue gets a website.

PERFORMING RIGHTS ORGANIZATIONS FROM AROUND THE WORLD:   We're going global here with a list of most of the performing rights organizations around the world. Pick a country, any country.

OTHER MUSIC SITES:   Wow, we still needed another music section for web rings, conferences, reference tools, award shows, guilds and associations, tours, causes, and much more.

THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT:   We have recently heard that there is more to the entertainment business than music. So just to be fair we've included a free ticket to the movies, a nice foreword to books, a hookup to television, a free drawing to the world of animation, a front row seat to the theatre, and some fun commercial breaks.

MISC 'N' LINKS:   Had enough of show biz for a while? We now offer you a detour to many new destinations. We've got sites that will make your life easier, whether it's a handy reference or a true time saver. On the other hand, we've got sites that will make you laugh or give you a break from serious thoughts. And in some cases one of these sites may save your life. Who knows, that missing link you've been searching for might be right here.