10 Minute Resume:   Need a new job so you can afford all the good stuff at the GAG Orders Store? Not only will you get a resume out of it, they will tell you what you're worth on the job market.

ATM Locator:   Let's see, you're in Papeete in New Caledonia and you're short on cash. Where do you go?

Add Me:   Well, I just had to add it.

All Recipes:   Your cyber cookbook.

All-Hotels:   When you have reservations about any hotel worldwide.

Android World:   A fascinating look into the future of artificial intelligence. And I'm not talking about us humans.

Anywho:   AT&T picked a clever name for their cyber phonebook.

Atlapedia:   Did you hear about the world atlas that ran into an encyclopedia?

Baby Names:   Now you know why some people have large families. Too many names that they liked.

Bad Fads Museum:   The past is a nice place to visit, but you used to live there. Here are the memories you thought were gone forever.

Birdzilla:   This is for the birds. If you're hurting to go birding, you can build your nest right here.

Brittanica Encyclopedia:   Did you hear the one about the encyclopedia salesman? Now you have a whole row of free space on that bookshelf.

Calculators On-Line Center:   Latest count has more than 13,625 calculators at your service. Go figure! Wind chills, calories, taxes, currency conversions, beats per minute, and more.

Card Games:   If you're living in a house of cards with a double deck and you feel the cards are stacked against you, educate yourself with almost every card game imaginable.

Cheese Net:   Your mouse probably already clicked on this site when you weren't looking.

Chicago Cubs:   I was born into baseball as a Cubbie.

Classmates:   Lost track of your old classmates? Especially the ones that took on new names. Here's a chance to reunite.

Cool Sig:   It's not Bartlett's, but there are some cool signature lines you can live by and laugh to.

Corner Poetry:   Poetry for and by the people. Submissions accepted.

Country Calling Codes:   All the codes you need when your fingers are flying long distance.

Crime Scene:   Got time on your hands to see who's got blood on their hands. Here's your chance to be Columbo, Miss Marple, Marlowe, etc. Nothing like a detective web site. Get a clue.

Culture Finder:   Looking for culture and you're not a microbiologist, then this site will help you find some in a big city near you.

Dead People Server:   Ever wonder why your favorite actor isn't making pictures any more? Or did you ever think one of the stars of yesteryear had passed on only to find out they were still alive. If you don't have that sixth sense, come here and avoid that fatal faux pas.

Despair, Inc.:   Home of the Demotivators collection. Hope you find something.

Digital City:   If you need a backup for Culture Finder, this site includes 60 top locations around the country.

Dimbulb, Inc.:   Complex solutions to simple problems.

Dr. Grammar:   When your words create a pained expression or when your subject and verb are having a disagreement or when your writing is more affected than effective, it is time to have a word with the doctor.

Drugstore:   The healthy way to shop as long as it's the right pill.

Duct Tape Guys:   Nothing says rock 'n'' roll like duct tape.

Dumb Laws:   In North Carolina it's against the law to sing off key. It's illegal to sleep naked in Minnesota. In Maine or above Maine, you may not step out of a plane in flight. In Iowa one-armed piano players must perform for free. In Florida having sexual relations with a porcupine is illegal. I could go on, but you can go on and find a world full of interesting laws.

Emode:   More than 7 million members are learning more about themselves through a series of tests that lean more toward humor than self-diagnostics. For instance, you can find out what kind of dog you are. Hopefully this isn't a front for some kind of cult.

Every Rule:   You need to know what the rules are before you break them. Everything from etiquette to game shows.

Executive Planet:   Learn the etiquette and customs of other nations. Look ma, no faux pas!

Fade to Black:   Comedy magazine has a lot of mock, see. One of its features includes the rock 'n'' roll hall of shame.

Famous Name Changes:   All the famous name droppers in one location.

Fragrance Net:   I can sell your perfume all the way from here. Women and men, your favorite scent is guaranteed to be here.

Free Translation:   If you haven't contracted multilingualism yet, you will need some help in this global village. It translates web pages, too.

GE Lighting:   Visit the virtual house. A site that actually sheds light on the subject.

GRIN:   Great Images in NASA. From Star Trek to solar flares to space pioneers, you can browse where some have gone before in your quest for high resolution images, some copyright-free.

Get Connected:   If you're ready to take the plunge into e-commerce or if you're feeling disconnected from all this new technology, all your connection options are here.

Ghost Sites:   The Museum of E-Failure. All the dot.gones on the Internot.

Glass Onion Graphics:   Enter the world of Michael Whelan, one of the most distinguished artists in the field of science fiction, fantasy, and horror illustration.

Good Bye!:   To some it might seem morbid, to others a way of remembering. This journal of contemporary obituaries focuses on the recently departed.

Greek Food:   A Complete Guide| Nothing could be as good as my mother's cooking, but she doesn't have a website. Greece is the word.

Heart Information Network:   Seriously folks, here's an important site for your dear heart.

High Speed Photography Exhibition:   You want to see photos with impact, come quickly.

Home Office Life:   More and more people are working at home. The commute is better and the rent is hopefully already paid. But in order to keep up this new work lifestyle, it is best to know the rules and your resources.

Hometown Favorites:   So your favorite childhood candy doesn't sell well in Peoria or you're living in the big city and your favorite hometown foods are nowhere to be found. You're in luck as you'll find aisles of smiles at this site.

Hotel Discounts:   Looking for a suite deal?

How To Clean Anything:   Out damn spot!

I Should Be Working:   The ultimate slacker site chock full of links that have nothing to do with work. Includes a handy panic button in case your boss walks in.

Internet Anagram Server:   Anagrammatically speaking, I'm "a green egg rose." Our artist Jim Barbaro is a "rabbi major." Let us know if you have an interesting anagram.

Internet Tips and Secrets:   Internet Tips and Secrets| Demystify all that financial mumbo jumbo. Let's all do the "dead cat bounce."

Internet Tips and Secrets:   For some the internet is the Wild West and for others it's the Great Unknown. Sometimes you just need a hired gun or a navigator to clear the way for you.

Jeopardy:   What is the site that will let you play this popular game on-line, not only in the classic form, but with variations such as showbiz, rock 'n'' roll, techno files, sports, and college?

Last Words:   Dying words, epitaphs, etc from real people as well as fictional characters. Just glad that somebody was around to hear them.

Merriam-Webster On-Line Language Center:   Just look it up in the dictionary.

Metaphotography:   Visit the surreal world of photographer Ken Weissblum. Every picture is a 10003 words.

Modern Humorist:   How about some satire and current events with your coffee this morning.

Museum of Depressionist Art:   Where else could you find "Under the Water Lilies" by Moanet. If you're feeling down, look this site up.

NASA's Planetary Photojournal:   See the worlds.

NASA:   Yes, space still exists.

New Product Works:   A museum or repository of products that may have never made it to your enchanted aisle at the supermarket. See how some products met a timely or untimely death before it even got out of the gates. Someone pass me the rabbit jerky and maybe I can wash it down with some of that Thirsty Dog bottled water. If I only could choose between the Tangy Fish and Crispy Beef flavors.

New York Yankees:   Our guy Jim Barbaro wants equal time.

News of the Weird:   They say truth is stranger than fiction.

One Look Dictionaries:   Word up. More than 700 dictionaries and 3.3 million words. That should give you even more room on your bookshelf.

One-Liners and Proverbs:   Looking for that proverbial one-liner?

Phone Spell:   See if your phone number spells it out for you.

Poetry Daily:   Can't stanza? Don't worry, you can get your daily dose of poems here.

Program Files:   Welcome to the world of more than 15,000 program files. It includes fonts, humorous applications, games, etc.

Pylon of the Month:   Now don't all pile on at once. This site, as it still stands is devoted to the forgotten, but majestic, pylon. You can also link to such profound sites as the Traffic Cone Preservation Society, the International Museum of Toilets, the Ultimate Letterbox Collection, and maybe a visit to the Ukrainian Bus Shelter Photo Library.

Quick Pages:   If you're in a hurry and you've got too many bookmarks, then come here for some major links that you use in your everyday internet life.

Rap Dictionary:   For all you plastic wrappers who want to establish a rapport with rap, get the down low up here.

Regrettable Food Gallery:   You were what you ate. Nostalgic look at Spam and other delights.

Ring My Bell:   And now for a short break from your surfing and researching.

Roadside America:   Offbeat tourist attractions await you| the Crayola factory, the Jelly Belly tour, the extraterrestial highway, mummies of the insane, and more.

Satire Wire:   In this world of technology and business there's really important, earthshaking news and viewpoints coming off the wire.

Science Technology and News Network:   It's the news that seems to go right over our heads. Time to get taller.

Scrabble:   I'd be remiss if I didn't include my favorite board game. Anybody want to play?

Screen Bobbers:   Hey, did you hear about the bobbing head doll that became a screen saver.

Shakespeare Online:   To surf or not to surf. This bard's for you.

She She Me:   Life in the chichi lane. A quirky look at single, fashion-obsessed women everywhere. Let's stop in here. It will only take a minute.

Site 59:   For your last-minute travel plans.

Skeeterbites:   Damn the Mosquitos!

Soup:   Is it soup yet? This fun site has got everything from soup to...well, soup. Life is a minnestrone, indeed.

Space:   Not just for space cadets, there's a universe beyond earth's realm.

Spell Web:   If you think you might be a victim of a bad spell, you can get it corrected here. However, there seems to be an interesting side effect at this site. You can enter two choices on any subject and it will tell you which item is more popular on the web. I plugged in "me" and "you" and "you" is more popular.

Starmatt Astrophotography:   A picture is worth a thousand galaxies.

Super Pages:   If you're looking to switch or you're bored with your other phone directory option, Verizon is on the horizon with what used to be called Big Yellow.

Switchboard:   You can be your own operator.

Taquitos.net:   The crunchiest site on the interweb. Beware of the snack attack. These mavens of munchies have a review and info on every snack food you can think up.

Technocopia:   Your guide to the technological lifestyle. They'll hold your hand as you leap into the great unknown.

The Big View:   Come to think of it, this is a thinker's web site.

The Cook's Thesaurus:   A cooking encyclopedia covering thousands of ingredients and kitchen tools. This is where you go when you are hungry for knowledge.

The Mega Penny Project:   For those of you who think that pennies are common cents, wait till you see what happens when they start stacking up.

The Natural Pharmacist:   If you think synthetic is pathetic.

The Nonverbal Dictionary of Gestures:   Signs, and Body Language Cues

The Onion:   You'll be crying with laughter as you peel off the layers of this humorous, sarcastic news site. You'll be screaming, "Sweet Vidalia"

The Phobia List:   Be afraid. Be very afraid. No, there's nothing for linkophoia yet. However, I'm pretty sure that anyone with cyberphobia or melophobia probably haven't hit our site. Find out why.

The Poetry Archives:   Thousands of poems to sift through. Features the top 10 poets and top 10 poems based on number of hits.

The Pulitzer Prizes:   Did you know that Gian-Carlo Menotti won the 1955 Pulitzer Prize for Music for his opera "The Saint of Bleecker Street?" Who knew?

The Word Detective:   If you don't have a clue where that word came from, come to this extraordinary and exemplary vocabulary gumshoe.

Thinks.com:   When you're feeling cross or down, it might be time to do a crossword puzzle. The site includes wordplay games, brain teasers, jigsaw puzzles, and even children's games. Who said you couldn't think and have fun at the same time.

Tightwad Central:   For the frugal and fiscally responsible. A penny saved is a penny saved.

Travlang Translating Dictionaries:   It's all in the translation.

USNO Master Clock:   Got time?

Universal Currency Converter:   Exchange rates at the tips of your money-grubbing fingers. Now you can spend globally with peace of mind

Urinal NET:   Everything you wanted to know about...anyways, you're in luck.

Useless Knowledge:   They say if it isn't here, it isn't trivia. Your trivial pursuits begin here.

Wacky Uses:   Your favorite household product could be living a double life.

Web MD (Diseases and Conditons):   A hypochondriac's dream or nightmare or possibly a cure.

Web Tender:   You can't earn a psychology degree here, but you can mix over 6,000 different cocktails. If you're sticking to what's available in your bar, this site will take your ingredients and give you a list of drink choices...on the house of course.

Worstcase Scenarios:   Sometimes it comes down to life or death. There are tips here on how to fend off a shark, how to land a plane when you're not the pilot, how to survive if your parachute fails to open, and other scenarios you pray will never happen.

XRefer:   The web's reference engine taps into dictionaries, thesauri, encyclopedias, and more.

eHow:   Just imagine 15,000 "how to" suggestions in one site.