AKG Acoustics:   They must be doing something right. We've got a bunch of their mics and headphones around the studio.

Alesis:   We recorded a lot of the Eco Logic CD and a couple of tracks on Burning Blue with the ADATs. We're still getting good use out of their Midiverb and we're drumming up support for the D4.

Alternate Mode:   The new exclusive distributors of the crazy KAT family. Our Drum KAT DK10 has been our little drummer boy on many an occasion.

Antares:   Now you can get perfect pitch in a box.

Apogee Digital:   Home to A/D and D/A converters and mic preamps. We like the number 24 more than just a little bit.

Apogee Sound International:   It's the A&E network. Amplify and equalize.

Apple Computers:   You could say it all starts with the Apple seed. Without our trusty Macs none of this would be possible. However when it comes to apples we prefer the Fuji over the McIntosh (sic).

Audio-Technica:   We share the wealth when it comes to microphones and A-T is part of our multi-mic contingent.

Avalon Design:   Who said that digital music was cold, harsh, and brittle? Avalon will bring your sounds back from the isle of the dead.

Beyer Dynamic:   At Natural, it's part of our happy mic family.

Bose:   The sound magicians want to maximize your acoustic space and minimize your equipment space requirements. We could use the extra space. In the congressional halls of music they are the speakers of the house. Now if we could only get our hands on some of those Bose CD samplers.

CD Stomper Pro:   Our favorite CD labeling kit.

Canare:   You got cable?

DR Music:   The handmade string serves our acoustic guitars quite well.

Dean Markley:   Strings become electric. Jim's PRS won't have it any other way.

Digidesign:   Don't go anywhere without your Pro Tools.

E-mu/Ensoniq:   The two E's have joined forces. When it came to keyboards George was an Ensoniq youth.

Eventide:   Home of the harmonizer. Oh how we love the effect.

Fender:   Defenders of the crown for true guitar fanatics.

FindSounds:   Sound effects and sound samples, you can find it hear.

Focusrite:   One of the faces of Neve. Tools that add musicality and help you master your own destiny. They scored high on our EQ test.

Genelec:   Nice bass. We use them as our music hall monitors.

Gibson:   A huge site for huge guitars. We've got Gibsons in our house.

Grandma's Music and Sound:   In the world of music equipment, Micky Patten has put Albuquerque on the map. Sure, I have a lot of friends working there, but you can't find a more savvy and musical staff anywhere.

Ilio:   Life is complicated enough. Samplify.

Joemeek:   Joe was the famous 60s producer who had severe depression, but these Joemeeks have severe compression.

Just Strings:   When you got to pull some strings. Not only do they sell them for every instrument imaginable, they'll link you in to the world of strings.

Kawai America:   Looks like we got one of their synth modules in our rack.

Korg:   Coming to a theater near you, "The Clash of the Tritons."

Kurzweil:   When you're living in synth.

Lexicon:   Just give us a digital effects processor and we reverberate with joy.

Mackie Designs:   In the studio, they're the chairman of the boards.

Manley:   Tools to help you master the possibilities. We like the massive passive stereo EQ.

Manny's Music:   An NYC Music Street mainstay. A lot of history here.

Mark of the Unicorn, The:   MOTU horns in on the MIDI hardware and synchronizer market.

Neumann:   The microphone company that will have you repeating "I Like Mic." After all you are the voice.

Orban:   The stereo compressor/limiter is part of our digital effects control tower.

Otari:   Tape recorders from the history of analog to the future of digital.

PRS (Paul Reed Smith) Guitars:   Not only Jim Barbaro's signature guitar, but many players of world renown stand by them.

Panasonic Pro Audio:   Natural Studio is vibing on the digital audio mixer.

Pearl Percussion:   Take a memo. Repercussion, they've got them all beat with their extensive variety of every imaginable percussion instrument. Oyster not included.

QSC Audio Products:   Their amp is in our camp.

RODE Microphones:   Well here's our dynamic mic cousin from Australia by way of Sweden. These tube mics are well-traveled, I must say.

Roland:   Roland, Roland, Roland, keep those dogies rollin. What haven't they got? Well, we got the digital reverb for one.

Savarez:   Our choice for nylon strings when we're in a Spanish or classic mood. I can see the sparks of fire as they jump out and dance.

Sennheiser:   Listen to us. We love their headphones. Are you listening?

Shure:   If you look up the word microphone in the thesaurus, you'll probably find Shure.

Sonorus:   2 bits, 4 bits, 8 bits a dollar. Give me 3 dollars and the 24-bit converter series.

Sounds Online:   The number one source for professional royalty-free sounds.

Steinberg:   The Cubase is our mothership; the brains of the operation.

Steinway:   Aren't pianos grand?

Sweetwater Sound:   Software hardware, here's where. It's not the band, but everything you need to be the band and record it. Music techs everywhere shop here. .

TC Electronics:   When you need those special effects to get processed.

Takamine:   As good as these acoustic guitars are, you won't hear anyone say "Take Mine."

Tannoy:   Their speakers have always spoken to us and that's why we speak highly of them.

Tascam:   We recorded most of Burning Blue on a bank of DA-88s. For the task at hand, Tascam came through.

Washington Music Center:   Chuck Levins probably has almost every music product available.

Waves:   When we're in our noise shaping mode and we want to maximize the effect.

Yamaha Music:   We say ya to the keyboards, ma to the guitars and ha to all the audio equipment.

Zildjian (Avedis) Company:   You could say they are the status cymbal and that they can cook up a mean drumstick, but there's more.