A link:   afdsc

A1 Biz Cards:   Looking for a little more color and pizazz in your business card?

Amazon:   If you think this is a Xena site, you're not getting out much. Sketches and Smashville are on sale here. Check out our downloads as well.

AudioVideo web:   In case you need teaming to figure out streaming.

Barnes and Noble:   Bookworms like music, too.

BeSonic:   Need some exposure in the European market? Based in Hamburg with agencies in London and Paris.

Blue Spike:   Digital watermarking services to keep the information highway bandits at bay.

Bug Music:   You are all your own publishers until someone starts taking slices of your pie away from you. So if you go the DIY route, these guys will debug the publishing mystique and administer some royalty justice to you, all for a very thin slice.

CD Baby:   The mom and pop store of the internet. The underdogs are welcome here. All GAG Order records are also on sale here.

CD Connection:   Via Muze, another retail outlet for your cd sales. Here's hoping the Golden Ears Society gives you a good review.

CD E.T.A. (Estimated Time of Arrival):   Bands, if you think you've arrived, but there's no one there to greet you...then go to the site that puts indy acts and indy fans together.

CD Now:   You want it when? Now that's more like it. They got a radio station, too.

CD Street:   Another avenue for those of you looking for an indie music store site. As they say, local music for a global stage. You'll find all GAG Order Records CDs here. Park for a while and look around.

CDW:   They got my back when it comes to my Mac. Just to be politically correct, they do PCs too.

Crewpro:   Your music touring headhunters when you need to accrue a crew.

Cyber Guys:   CDs, labels, stompers, and other computer supplies, these guys keep my shelves stocked.

Digi-Rom:   One-stop CD production boutique in NYC will do it all.

Digibid:   The musician's auction network. That amp in the basement might finally find a new home.

Entertainment Attorneys:   Your online directory of entertainment attorneys worldwide. Esquire for hire.

Evolab:   Specializes in the wireless digital delivery of intellectual property. And no, it is not an evil lab.

First Look:   Provider of video streaming for your website. They have close to 4 million rich media previews.

GEMM:   The Global Electronic Music Marketplace claims to be the world's largest music catalogue. They have almost 15,000 items on the Beatles alone. Where do you put all that?

Gracenote:   The future of the internet music business starts here. Company specializes in music recognition, content delivery, and database management. It is home of the industry standard CDDB Music Recognition Service. It is the largest online database of audio CD and song titles in the world and is accessed by more than 27,000,000 unique users each month.

Hot Licks:   World-known musicians teaching a variety of styles and genres on video. Learn from the masters.

ICANN:   The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers will let you know who legitimately can assign your domain names.

International Music Products Association (NAMM):   For more than 100 years this global association has served the musical products industry.

Library of Congress, The:   The grand exalted registrar of your creative works. Do a little search, get a little form, get down copyright.

Liquid Audio:   Your digital music distributor who plays and pays by the rules.

Loudeye:   Streaming media technology pioneer can set up your listening and video stations so your customer doesn't have to wait and wait. Your digital media solutions are just a click away.

Media Tag:   Stop the piracy conspiracy with watermarking technology that preserves the quality and sanctity of your recording.

Modern Postcard:   They'll make your full-color postcard and mail them for you if you want.

Mudmusic Design:   The multi-talented Gabrielle Gewirtz will take your CD of clay and mold it into a beautiful work of art. Go back to our discography page and see some examples of her work.

Music Dish:   Your roadmap to the digital revolution.

Musicians National Referral:   Where pro musicians and bands connect.

Net4Music:   Download your king-size sheet music.

Noma Music:   Know my music. The mission they chose to accept is to place artists with record companies and to place your music in TV and film projects.

Oasis CD:   If you're feeling like there's a desert out there when it comes to manufacturing your CD, there is an oasis. Your package is also loaded with extras such as internet distribution, radio samplers, internet store placement and much more.

Off the Wall Magnetics:   Fridge magnets is one way to attract attention. It's advertising that sticks.

On Demand Distribution:   OD2 is Europe's leading digital distributor of music.

Postcard Press:   Ultra-thick and high-gloss postcards and business cards, too.

SRSWOWcast Technologies:   You can improve the quality of your broadcasting and streaming media. Sounds good to me.

Song Catalog:   This sales site connects professional music buyers to songwriters and publishers.

Sound Broker:   Another site to buy and sell music equipment. That's the deal.

United States Patent and Trademark Office:   When things get serious and its your name or logo that matters.

Wallace Collins, ESQ.:   Former recording artist knows all about signing contracts and litigation. When it's your turn, you'll need a music attorney.

a link:   casdca

emusic:   Popular mp3 music service boasts 180,000 songs. The artist or writer gets paid for every download. Get used to it, there's no such thing as a free launch today.