Bitter End, The:   This legendary NYC music venue is our home away from home. Kenny Gorka (owner, manager, boatsman, Critter, friend) is the best A&R guy in the business.

Blue Note:   Major jazz artists in an intimate setting where you may occasionally hear a blue note.

Bluebird Cafe:   Songwriters in the round is a Nashville tradition.

Bottom Line:   Well, it's always been about the bottom line, which is quality recording artists in a true concert setting, but with a comfortable cabaret vibe.

CBGB and Gallery:   The legendary dive plus its sister club where it's toned down a notch.

Caffe Lena:   One of America's oldest operating folk music-venue coffeehouses. You can unwind and unplug in Saratoga Springs.

Carnegie Hall:   Practice, practice, practice...

First Avenue:   Legendary Minneapolis venue. Just think Prince in Purple Rain.

Fox Theatre:   A wonderful venue for concerts. Only in Boulder could a theatre rock like this.

Gothic Theatre:   One thing I always liked about Denver is how they kept restoring those old movie theatres into concert halls. This art deco wonder that roared in the 20s, roars even louder today.

Max's Kansas City:   Where pop life met pop art in the 60s.

Palace, The:   Before you get swept away by the music, you'll get swept up by the history and the grandeur of the Hollywood Palace.

Radio City Music Hall:   If it was good enough for the Grammys...

Tin Angel:   This is home for many a performer when in Philly.

Whisky A Go Go:   Aah the L.A. rock scene. Where the seen get seen and vice versa. Those of you waxing nostalgic for the Rainbow Bar and Grill will find mementos here.