Alice On Air:   One of the top 10 internet stations out of Sweden. To the moon, Alice.

All Blues Mix:   Itís all there in black and white...all blues.

Artist Shop Radio:   The internet station where the artists and independent labels program the music. The one thing the mega radio powers and major labels donít want you to know...there is a world of music out there.

Aural Innovations:   For those of you who like their prog rock more towards the avant garde, this is your launch site to space rock.

Aural Moon:   The Netís progressive rock garden. Kansas, Mike Oldfield, Renaissance, King Crimson, Tull, and new progressive artists 24 hours a day. Life is good.

BBC Radio 2:   Radio 1 is all pop and dance and Radio 3 is jazz and classical, so weíll go with Radio 2 and its roots, country, and folk, plus Eurovision entries.

Batanga:   Comprehensive and latest Latin mixes on this internet radio station.

Best Opera Music:   George says he's not the biggest fan of opera. It might have scared him as a child. But for those of you who want to add a little coloratura in your life, choose your favorite aria or Broadway show.

Blue Radio:   They got classic blues 24 hours a day, classic blues 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week.

Blues Boy Music:   As they say the best blues in cyberspace or anyplace. Can you handle 24 hours of the blues, son?

Bonzaroo:   Real-time, 24-hour-a-day broadcast with professional programming and mixing of elements identical to traditional AM and FM radio. This broadband content generation powerhouse is gearing up for success as streaming media is emerging as a preeminent growth driver in the next generation of wireless technology. Does anybody remember the transistor radio?

Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion:   Your introduction to Radio 101.

CD Now Radio:   How about the Euro Cafe channel?

CKDU:   97.5 FM from Dalhousie University in Halifax. Real radio for real people who like the freeform format.

Cablemusic:   Streaming network has 21 stations to choose from, with Country, Smooth Jazz, Top 40, and Classical in the top 20 stations.

Canadian Mix:   From Quebec folk to New Canadian rock, itís a very provincial format.

Channel 1 Hawaii:   For all you surfers and slackers. Theyíve got beach cam and slack key guitars.

Choice Radio:   They give you a choice of genres for your online listening. Their CHR/Top 40 station is their most popular channel.

Christian Pirate Radio:   It sounds like an oxymoron to me. But CPR will bring your music back to life.

Cool Country Online:   Country is cool down under.

Cosmic Radio:   Tied in with the Cosmic Store, this site gets international radio airplay. In the old days you had to get the shortwave out to hear anything overseas. This was one of the first on the Net and is 73 genres strong.

Cyber Radio:   Get networked to a thousand radio stations classified by specific genres. Youíll have to do a little homework to find the station thatís right for you.

Electric Blues Radio:   Blues from all over the blue planet.

F.A.K.E. Radio:   Itís not your fatherís station and it isnít your kidsí station. Internet station has a little bit of something for everyone. You can't fake the music.

Gavin Report, The:   Need some radio play and you donít have $500,000 to promote a single?

Glam Rock Radio:   Wham bam, thank you glam all day and all night.

Guilty Pleasure Radio:   Do you have to hide in the closet to listen to Zager & Evans rocking with ďIn the Year 2525?Ē This station comes out and caters to all your musical guilty pleasures.

Hard Radio:   They say this is the station your motherboard warned you about. There is a warning that the station is 100 percent rap free and may be too rock Ďní roll for some visitors.

Indiego Music Center:   Indie promoter knows the ropes that we so often get hung up on.

KALX:   90.7 FM in Berkeley. Looking at their DJís top 10 lists for the year, I noticed that I didnít recognize half of the acts. Thatís got to be a good sign.

KBAC:   Radio Free Santa Fe is 98.1 FM and 95.9 in Albuquerque. The format is adult alternative for the ďcity differentĒ with some specialty shows thrown in. Matisse rates it an A+.

KBOO:   90.7 FM in the City of Roses. We just had to pick KBOO.

KCRW:   Itís 89.9 FM in Santa Monica where the music ranges from electric to eclectic. Santa Monica College station claims 450,000 listeners. Measurecast recently ranked them as the number one college streaming station.

KFOG:   Out of the fog of San Francisco (104.5 FM), we give it an AAA rating.

KHZ Radio:   Fresh new music on the web and free airplay on 106.3 Los Angeles.

KOMP 92.3:   Number one rock station in Las Vegas. Comes with all the antics and cliches youíve grown to love.

KPFA:   94.1 FM in Berkeley. Roots to reggae to panhandle country to jazz to world sounds to hiphop to the moon.

KUCI:   88.9 FM at UC-Irvine covers every conceivable genre.

KUNM:   89.9 FM in Albuquerque. George would be remiss if he didnít include his old college radio station.

KVRX:   91.7 FM in Austin from the Univ. Of Texas. They play none of the hits all of the time. Check out their Topless 39.

KYQ Radio:   International pop station out of Plessisville, Quebec. It might help to be fluent in French, mais oui!

Live 365:   Revolutionized radio playing near you all over the world. Start your own station.

MEDIAmazing:   According to Measurecast, it is the top streaming radio station. It gives you a menu for the genres you like best. Radio consultants might be scratching their heads that a listener-formatted station would lead the pack.

Measurecast:   One of the first companies to provide streaming radio broadcasters with next-day audience size and demographics.

Music Choice:   Most of you know it as the radio stations on your cable TV.

Music Sojourn:   Music programming the way it should be. Knowledgable DJs have a heart for music as opposed to a head for small talk.

National Radio Promotion:   Maybe you donít have the big bucks to get your music on the top 100 major radio stations. But thereís a lot of radio stations out there in the smaller markets and youíll need someone to guide you.

Net Radio:   They say it's the ďnet generation of radio.Ē All I know is that they got more than 100 channels. Thereís got to be at least one genre with which you can connect.

Net Rock Radio:   Rock and alternative, no questions asked.

Nowhere Radio:   As long as you know where to go. Theyíre based out of Alberta, Canada.

Outlaw Country Online:   Out of the Dakota badlands comes FM 102. Itís country with rock 'n' roll sass.

Parody Radio:   Internet radio must be reaching parity when you can have a 24-7 parody radio station. So hereís your two tickets to parody.

Planet MG Radio:   Live from Singapore, the DJ is spinning anything from Hip Jazz to New Asia to Alternative.

Progressive Rock Radio Network:   Itís a tough choice. Do I go with the prog metal or the classic prog or the symphonic prog? Whatever the subgenre, itís here.

Radio & Records:   You need a little r&r to get some insight into the industry through the eyes of the radio heads?

Radio 13:   Donít know if they have a channel for triskaidekaphobiacs, but theyíve got everything else. Look for their various world music channels as well. Who said 13 wasnít a lucky number.

Radio BeOnAir:   Popular internet site works with alternative, hip-hop, rock, and country channels.

Radio Edelweiss:   Swiss station out of Liestal fresh to you from the Alps.

Radio Free New York:   Anti-corporate radio.

Radio Free Virgin:   The internet superstation with more than top 40 or 40 top channels.

Radio Grischa:   In the spirit of neutrality this Swiss station out of Chur has a diversified playlist.

Radio Locator:   Leave it to the MIT folks to come up with the ultimate radio station search engine. They have links to more than 10,000 radio station web pages and more than 2,500 audio streams from all over this world.

Radio MOI:   Ever wanted to be the program director of your own radio station?

Radio Mango:   Wake me up before you mango. Variety of channels and formats sprouting out of Belgium.

Radio Margaritaville:   Jimmy Buffett, or should I say King Midas, now has a streaming network for Parrotheads all around the world. Besides his own live concerts, he also plays DJ as he spins his favorite songs. As you would expect the playlist ranges from James Taylor to Bonnie Raitt to Caribbean music.

Radio Roxy:   Pop on the rocks from Belgium. The best playlist is an extensive one.

Radio VW:   Listeners wanted.

Radio Valve:   You already rant in your car, now you can rave with 24 hour techno internet radio.

Real Roots Cafť:   Real people, real instruments. Radio program airs prime time Friday night in Holland on radio station WFM 107.1.

Salsa Radio:   Sorry no chips, but you do get to salsa around the clock.

Shoutcast:   Nullsoftís free WinAmp based distributed streaming audio system.

Spinner:   Download the radio and take it out for a spin with 150 stations at your beck and call.

Splunge Radio:   May the prog be with you.

Swing Radio:   For those who like to swing 24-7. We salute you.

TWOS:   The Technicolor Web of Sound. Not only do you get to listen to 60s psychedelic rock you get to read about the songs you are listening to.

Trojan Radio:   Reggae radio.

Virgin Radio:   105.8 FM in London. Adult alternative station ranks #2 for streaming stations.

WBZC:   88.9 FM, Burlington County College. The revolution starts here with rock Ďní blues all day and no rules at night.

WEBR:   Out of Fairfax in the DC area, itís FM the way it used to be... freeform.

WESU:   88.1 FM in Middletown, MA at Wesleyan University. Welcome to the land of 1,000 genres. They call it freeform, itís more like free-for-all form. Youíre bound to find a format that fits you.

WFMU:   91.1 FM in the NYC area and 90.1 in the Hudson Valley and all over the place on the Internet. I must say this Montclair station is a hometown favorite.

WFUV:   90.7 FM. Bronx honks for Fordham University public radio station. Theyíre an active force in the local music scene.

WFXZ/The Bone:   Itís classic rock at 93.7 FM in Wilmington, NC. You can stream back in time on warp radio.

WKIE/Energy 9275:   92.7 FM in Chicago. The operative word is dance.

WMBR:   88.1 FM, MIT Radio in Cambridge. Youíve got to check out the Cheese or should I say Cheeeeeyeeez.

WMNF:   88.5 FM in Tampa. Features singer/songwriters, folk and culturally diverse music.

WMUA:   FM 91, the Radio Voice of UMass. If you want some East Coast college airplay, they seem willing to oblige.

WMVY:   92.7 FM in the Vineyard. From the waveswept shorelines of the Atlantic, you can listen live to the Island vibes, chat on the beach, or enjoy a quiet gaze out from the windows of this progressive music station which translates to adult alternative format.

WOSP:   From the University of Northern Florida, itís Osprey Radio and theyíre bringing you a diverse eclectic mixture of future music.

WSHL:   91.3 FM from Stonehill College in North Easton, MA. You can also listen on-line.

WUMB:   91.9 FM in the Boston area, courtesy of University of Massachusetts. Folk and roots music all day and night. They have a lot of links, too.

WYBC:   1340 AM Yale Radio. Freeform radio means feel free to pitch your CD. Can you believe thereís music on AM.

WYNY:   Y107 New Country is in Manhattan and weíre not talking Kansas. So you folks down in Nashville can cut us city folks some slack.

Welle 1:   Live out of Salzburg! You get old songs with new mixes, some rock and a lot of dance.

World Mix Radio:   Your passport to great music from around the world.

World Radio Network:   WRN carries live audio newscast streams in RealAudio, WindowsMedia, and StreamWorks 24 hours a day from 25 of the world's leading public and international broadcasters.

XM Satellite Radio:   Radio to the power of x with no static. AM and FM give way to XM in your home or in your car and with 100 innovative channels. Beam me up.