4AD:   Where the main stream gets diverted.

ABET Music:   ABET Music: The home of Effusion and 5th Element, purveyors of ethnic pop and world fusion.

Acoustic Disk:   Label features David Grisman and acoustic music from other American folk artists. The music is 100 percent home-made. The grass is indeed blue.

American Gramaphone:   Home to Mannheim Steamroller and quite instrumental in its success.

Appleseed Recordings:   Folk label with a mission: Sowing the seeds of social justice through music.

Ardent Records:   Down in Memphis it’s authentic modern music according to the Gospel.

Arhoolie:   Down home label cooks up some blues, zydeco, gospel, tejano, jazz, and old-time country. Get down to the roots of America.

Ark 21:   Global recordings for a new millenium. Miles Copland keeps pushing that quality button. Take a post IRS audit at this wonderful site.

Artemis Records:   Apollo’s sister gave up hunting to start a label. Actually Danny Goldberg’s startup where they seem to want artists for the long haul and not the quick fix.

Astralwerks:   New edge music with Fat Boy Slim and other visionaries.

Bar/None Records:   From the hollows of Hoboken, Glenn Morrow and Co. beg to be different. It’s not the genre, but the quality. Label has also proved to be a great training ground for some major label acts.

Beggar's Banquet:   Long-time record company has feasted on cutting edge music.

Beyond Music:   Left Bank manages a label with some of their artists like the GoGos, Sammy Hagar, etc.

Biograph:   If you have a need to get historical.

Blue Flame Records:   From ethno pop to cyber tech, this label helps you travel to exotic locations around the world.

Blue Note:   All that jazz.

Buddah Records:   Remember when they were the bubblegum label. I guess they’re a little more serious these days. Their bread and butter is still in their rereleases and repackaging.