Alabina:   Ishtar and the boys will have you belly dancing or doing a tango or have you spinning like a whirling dervish in no time. It's middle eastern out for a night in Paris at some flamenco nightclub.

Alan Parsons Project:   Did you hear the one about the legendary producer and his wonderful side project. Let the tales of mystery and imagination unfold.

Alexiou, Haris:   World famous Greek singer, like her name, is pure joy. To hear her is a blessing.

All About Eve (Julianne Regan):   A UK band with an air of majesty and yet a heart of a minstrel. The site includes all of "Eve's" begotten side projects.

Almond, Marc:   New wave theatrical torch singer always popular on the dancefloor. Despite his huge output of solo albums, he is still best known for Soft Cell and "Tainted Love."

Altman, Sean:   A rock-a-fellah with a twist.

Amelia's Dream:   Herald the new "Fleetwood Mac" of this brave new century.

Andersen, Joyce:   Check out her violin work on our "Sketches" CD. She plays a mean fiddle, but her voice is that of an angel. We all scream for Joy Scream.

Anggun:   Indonesia's best kept secret. The female Seal.

Archer, Tasmin:   This sleeping satellite is worth waking up to.

Asia:   They might not have been as big as the continent, but they were more than just a heat of the moment.

Badfinger:   They were on the Beatles' heels. Great songs sparked by tragedy which left them only half the band they were. Now with less notoriety, the new band carries on.

Baha Men:   Any friends of Burnis are friends of ours. Bahamas are humming.

Bair, Gerald:   He's like Joe Jackson in Dire Straits hanging out with Elvis.

Bairnson, Ian:   One of the critical pieces of the Alan Parsons Project, Ian was also the guitarist for that magic band Pilot.

Barbaro, Jim:   He's Sting, Chris Isaak, and Joe Cocker all rolled up into one dynamic vocalist and guitarist. GAG Order's featured artist.

Barclay James Harvest:   This legendary UK folk rock group has harvested more than 30 albums and you still probably haven't heard of them. It's never too late to start.

Batt, Mike:   I jumped on the Battwagon with his solo debut Schizophonia, and what a record that was. He arranges, he produces, he scores! One of the great bridge builders of classical music and rock fury.

Beau Brummels:   They sounded like a British Invasion band of the 60s, but these Cisco kids made you laugh, laugh, and then cry just a little.

Berlin:   A band that could take your breath away. There was Nunn like them.

Bermudez Jr., Ramon:   The flamenco flame.

Blackmore's Night:   Deep Purple's Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Knight are spinning beautiful medieval rock folk. The wizard is a minstrel.

Blue Hawaiians:   Swing, swoon, sway, and sweat with one of our favorite new retro style bands.

Blue Man Group:   Words can't describe them.

Blue Oyster Cult:   A rock band with vision, heavy thought, and caustic wit. It's karma with Buck Dharma.

Blues Plate Special:   Blues in the night served up just right by Stratcat, Rhythm Ray, Catfish and Sticks.

Blur:   Woo-hoo.

Boggia, Jim:   In the tradition of great Philly vocalists, Boggia will cut through your heart with passion-packed, marvelously written songs. Think Beatles meet Percy Sledge.

Bowie, David:   Some say a god among men, others the world's greatest provocateur. His chameleonic ways have always kept him vital in a ch-ch-ch-changing world.

Boylan, Terence:   For years we were asking "where are you hiding?" Our Hudson Valley bard has surfaced.

Bradley, Everett:   Vocalist/percussionist is a melodic funkster with a little Seal, EWF, and Liberace in him. He can stomp and he can swing.

Bright Blue Gorilla:   The ultimate anti-folk folk group or should I say duo.

Browne, Duncan:   A tribute page to the late guitarist who was an influential member of the band Metro who may have had the best unsung album of the mid 70s. It's a criminal world when true talent doesn't always soar the highest.

Bruce, Jack:   What a legacy! The vocalist and bass player of Cream has had quite a few ventures and adventures.

Burlap to Cashmere:   Afro Caribbean rhythms, Gipsy Kings abandon, old world Greek bouzouki stylings, Simon & Garfunkel harmonies, inspirational lyrics, and heaps of burning passion. Opa!

Bush, Kate:   In the late 70s we sure got a kick inside when Wuthering Heights first shattered the airwaves with a whole new voice.

CPR:   Revive your heart with David Crosby, Jeff Pevar, and James Raymond.

Cale, J.J.:   Even with his laid back style, this guitar man always has his groove on. His mixture of blues, country, and rock is molded into his own "lo cale" sound.

Camel:   I'd walk a mile to see them. One of the best progressive rock bands to rear its beautiful head. The site includes some other great Camel links. Will that be one hump or two?

Caravan:   One of the tales out of Canterbury was this Camel-like art rock band who have had quite a few journeys themselves.

Catholic Girls:   Someone up there wasn't paying attention when destiny was handed to the GoGos and fate was dealt to this deeper, more proficient band. Now don't go telling Belinda and Jane what I just said.

Ceili Rain:   This is what happens when you get a Judas Priest songwriter and a whole bunch of Nashville country cats on a mission to create inspirational rock with a Celtic edge.

Cohen, Leonard:   Cool, suave, sophisticated, yet passionate. Probably the most unknown famous person out there.

Cowsills, The:   I love the flower girl with the flaxen hair.

Crack the Sky:   John Palumbo and fellow "Crack"ers always delivered rock dripping with intellectual thought, a biting wit, and lots of edge.

Currie, Billy:   Mr. Viola and Mr. Keys was a driving force behind Ultravox and Visage.

Curved Air:   Unique group has been home to violinists Darryl Way and Eddie Jobson and featured Francis Monkman from Sky and the amazing lead singer Sonja Kristina (Hair - London Cast). The song "Backstreet Luv" knocked me for a loop then and it still curves the air for me today.

Cutler, Elisabeth:   How deep is the well? You'll have to go pretty deep to uncover the layers of this Nashville artist, who..."repeat after me" is not country.

Dakotas, The (Billy J. Kramer):   We were happy campers when the Dakotas latched on to some Beatles leftovers. They sure didn't sound "bad to me."

Davidson, Jo:   Whether it's ivory, steel or nylon, Jo will make you listen twice and dare you to not forget her.

Davies, Iva (Icehouse):   The man behind and in front of one of our favorite projects, Icehouse. They were a cross between Bowie and Roxy Music. Glad to see Iva is carrying the flame.

De Burgh, Chris:   Discover the real CdeB hiding behind the lady in red. He spins lyrical tales in the same rock/folk genre as Al Stewart.

Deep Forest:   There's ambience in the jungle.

Deep Purple:   Read all about it in the Highway Star. The Purple still flows deep.

Delerium:   It's WAR. Warm ambient rock.

Electric Prunes:   Wow, I had too much to dream last night.

Eloy:   German art rock band had a Jethro Tull vibe early on and has progressed from there continuing to put out those 14-minute singles. If you have all of their 20 plus CDs or LPs you also have an art collection in itself.

Enid, The:   From the prog rock chapters, these musicians played a rock symphony from a classical perspective.

Enya:   The true treasure of the Emerald Isle. She is the mood.

Farmer, Mylene:   The international pop diva from France is the consummate performer. Her beauty, drama, and music will send shivers through you.

Ferry, Bryan:   Roxy's and Rock's real romantic. Cinema had its golden age of old-fashioned Hollywood movies; the world of rock music has Bryan Ferry.

Fleetwood Mac:   The band of many faces still perseveres since their modest beginnings as a well-respected blues band. We've liked every chapter of the saga. A lot of stories in those 5 decades.

Foreigner:   A band of great import. Some of the best rock ballads of our time.

Fortunes:   You've got your troubles, I've got mine. The Fortunes always made me forget my troubles.

Fradon, Amy:   She's a passionate angel with a beautiful voice and soul. Check her out on our CDs "Burning Blue" and "Smashville."

Gabriel, Peter:   Since his exodus from Genesis, he has forged new paths and opened up a real world of music that was there all along. He is the ultimate ambassador.

Gabrielle (US):   Ms. G serves an endearing and fulfilling dish of folk rock in her little dream town.

Genesis:   One of prog rock's supergroups, Genesis was the beginning for several offshoot musical success stories. When you think about it, their impact in the ongoing history of music has reached biblical proportions.

Gilbert, Kevin:   He was a bright musical light that went out much too soon. Revisit his life and his days in Toy Matinee, Giraffe, and NRG.

Gilkyson, Eliza:   The reigning queen of folk in a parallel universe. This New Mexico legend has always gotten by on the bare necessities.

Gowan:   Canada's Lawrence Gowan bordered on the pop edge of the progressive rock scene with his everpresent keyboards and high range vocals. More may know him now as Dennis DeYoung's replacement in Styx.

Green, Peter:   Evergreen blues legend in the original Fleetwood Mac who wrote Black Magic Woman and one of the all-time best instrumentals, "Albatross."

Grey Eye Glances:   Take a sojourn with this group into a beautiful melodic world.

Groovelily:   Led by violinist Valerie Vigoda, their music lilts into a nice groove.

Hackett, Steve:   Ever since his exodus from Genesis, this guitar wizard has been doing his thing his way. Tap in to his site here.

Haslam, Annie:   Need we say more, she is the true Renaissance woman.

Hayward, Justin:   The heart and soul of the Moody Blues. This knight in white satin epitomizes the craft of songwriting and has always moved mountains for us.

Hazard, Robert:   Yes, he wrote that song about girls and fun via Cyndi Lauper, but his solo albums were heroic and epitomized the cool life. The rest of the music world could have provided more brotherly love.

Hellecasters:   In the spirit of the Ventures and the Shadows with a little Dire Straits and no boundaries.

Hensley, Ken:   The Dickens of Uriah Heep.

Hine, Rupert:   One of the best producers on the planet. His website is a reflection of the ingenuity, imagination, and integrity of this musical force.

Hogan, Lisa:   A beautiful voice that follows a different path. Pop goes the chanteuse.

Horslips:   Before U2 was Ireland's biggest band there was U1, otherwise known as Horslips. It was rock 'n' reel at its finest.

Isaak, Chris:   The ghost of Roy Orbison is being channeled through Chris. Romance and passion are alive.

It's A Beautiful Day:   The LaFlammes had us all a flame with their classical rock stylings. The white bird still flies.

Jarre, Jean Michel:   Part of the Jarre family music tree. You could say he's one of the new breed of classical composers. Only time will tell.

Jethro Tull:   For our benefit, Ian and the boys are still in business.

Kaas, Patricia:   One of our favorite chanteuses is a very liberating and sensual force.

Kamen, Michael:   You only get the later years here of this soundtrack king. I'd like to see more of his early years with the New York Rock Ensemble and solo albums.

Kansas:   You may have thought this band bit the dust, but they're the wind. Carry on, you wayward sons.

Kayak:   This real Dutch treat charted the same waters as Genesis and Camel and they're sounding better than ever.

Kershaw, Nik:   Wouldn't it be good if there were more great songwriters like Nik.

Kihn, Greg:   Now a jock at KFOX in San Jose, Kihn and band put some of the freshest rock 'n' roll out there, "Jeopardy" excluded. His music was kihntagious as were all the puns.

Kitaro:   Our journeys with Kitaro on the Silk Road were enlightening and spellbinding. He is one major domo.

Knopfler, Mark:   The sultan of swing. You could say he was one of the few people to find himself in dire straits and be quite pleased about it. When it comes to his guitar playing, he has beome an adjective.

Lake, Greg:   One of the best voices to come out of the progressive rock era. Our favorite ELP songs are the Lake songs and that's how it's been from the beginning.

Leah, Tanya:   One of the finest songwiters on the planet and boy can she sing and play guitar. You can hear her on our Burning Blue and Smashville CDs.

Level 42:   Fans of Toto and Mr. Mister are taken to another level.

Levin, Pete:   Nobody knows the ivories like Pete.

Love Pie:   Let Nini serve you a slice of uncompromising alternative folk.

MacColl, Kirsty:   Gifted artist and songwriter always held me in a titanic daze. Her sudden and tragic death in 2000 may have ironically introduced more people to her and her legacy.

Magnum:   British prog rock group with all the pomp and circumstance. Bring on the wizards and the castles.

Manfred Mann:   From Doo Wah Diddy to the Mighty Quinn to Spirits in the Night and a lot of great filler songs throughout. Why does fame elude them? Anyways, Springsteen and Dylan got some nice royalties off some of the MM hits.

Mann, Aimee:   Ever since "Tuesday," she's been doing it her way and she has been the better for it. She's not with Stupid anymore.

Marillion:   An intellectual band with passion.

Mason, Dave:   A solo artist in his own right, Mason has gone through a sea of changes from Traffic to Fleetwood Mac, a couple of journeys in his back pages.

Matthews, Iain:   The man who brought us Matthews Southern Comfort has been working ever since. George was one of three people to see him at the Bottom Line one night several years ago. For days he wondered "where is the justice?"

McGraw, Richard:   Melancholic and insightful. A graduate of the Elliott Smith School of Suicide Pop.

Miles, John:   One of the great voices in rock. You got to have some pipes to sing a duet with Andrea Bocelli.

Mitchell, Joni:   One of Jim's favorites. How often have you heard "she's kind of like Joni Mitchell." You could call her a trendsetter, but trends don't last this long.

Mohawk, Essra:   The first female in the Mothers of Invention. Her storied career as an artist and songwriter continues. She provided the inspiration for our title "Dark Before the Dawn."

Moody Blues:   These knights of white satin are like the candle of life...forever burning.

Moore, Gary:   Monster guitar player and a practitioner of the blues. By the way, he can rock and sing.

Moxy Fruvous:   It's hard to figure out if this Canadian foursome are buskers (minstrels), a comedy troupe, a barbershop quartet, a vaudeville act, or a band like Squeeze in disguise. Every live show is an experience.

Mr. Mister:   Could have been a legendary band if it could just "go on." This unofficial site out of Belgium will have to satisfy you for now.

Nelson, Bill (Be Bop Deluxe):   We soared with Sister Seagull and felt the Kiss of Light as we sailed on Ships in the Night. But then again Bill has had a post Be Bop life.

Nile, Willie:   NYC songwriter always seems to be flying under the radar. A beautiful wreck indeed.

Noa:   Some of you might know her as Achinoam Nini. From New York to Tel Aviv, she is the real deal.

Noa:   Some of you might know her as Achinoam Nini. From New York to Tel Aviv, she is the real deal.

O'Neill, Steve:   This professor at Funk University is virtually a one-man rock band.

October Project:   Also known as November Project, this timeless group combines deep and poetic lyrics with music that combines rock, folk, and classical elements. You can also link to December Girl (Marina), ex-vocalist Mary Fahl or the defunct NP. Let's keep OP alive.

Oldfield, Mike:   This tubular bellwether of rock and new age is truly a guitar god.

Orbison, Roy:   George's childhood idol and earliest musical influence. May his memory live on through his music.

Orphan Moon:   Melancholic folk rock in the same genre as GEG and October Project.

Pancho's Lament:   I always knew Jeff Cohen could write great music and now he has the band to prove it. All you Peter Himmelman fans take a listen.

Parks, Walter:   One-half of the wonderful eclectic band The Nudes. He's like a younger Leonard Cohen forging his own musical paths.

Parsignault, Jennifer:   French songstress via Boston and Berklee is making noise in L.A. With her angelic voice and haunting violin she is on her way to the rest of the world. Pat Benatar||Pat and Neil are better than ever. I was enamored with Innamorata.

Pavlov's Dog:   When we first heard this short-lived band in the 70s, we were not necessarily salivating, but quite intrigued. Guitarist David Surkamp had the highest pitched operatic voice ever heard in a rock band. The violins and mellotrons gave this hard rock band an edgy classical feel.

Pepe & the Bottle Blondes:   Wacky brand of big-band Latin pop.

Pevar, Jeff:   One of our all-time favorite guitar players. You can hear him on our Eco Logic, Burning Blue, and Smashville CDs. Pink Floyd|| The only way you haven't heard of these guys is if you've been living on the dark side of the moon. They have always left me comfortably numb.

Pitney, Gene:   He ranks right up there with Roy Orbison. Whether you are 24 hours from Tulsa or on your pilgrimage to Mecca or in a town without pity, his voice is and will be eternal.

Popp, Bill and the Tapes:   The Beatles meet REM in a dark alley. Euro Popp has an edge.

Rafferty, Gerry:   Some of you know him as the Baker Street guy, others as that Stealers Wheel dude who got stuck in the middle with you. But to really know Gerry is to know a real musical treasure.

Ramazzotti, Eros:   The real Latin singing sensation. Besides he has a name you could love. Viva Italia.

Rea, Chris:   Bluesy guiarist/vocalist was in "dire straits" before Knopfler and crew swung like sultans.

Red Betty:   Band leader Yahz has always had a way of spinning a tune and delivering it.

Renwick, Tim:   One of our all-time favorite guitarists has been quite busy all these years.

Rhodes, Happy:   A chameleon of many voices and genres. Ms. Auntie Social deserves to be somewhat famous.

Rivers, Johnny:   Two of our all-time favorite songs and both by this Italian singing sensation. The songs..."Summer Rain" and "Secret Agent Man."

Roxette:   When it comes to pop, I'll take Sweden.

Roxy Music/Phil Manzanera:   The giants of glam and romantic rock. With the suave Bryan Ferry as lead crooner and a cast of some of the most respected musicians in the world, love wasn't the drug...they were.

Ruff, Michael:   To see this enlightened muse play live is certainly life affirming. I'm sure it took a lot of effort, but he makes it seem so effortless.

Sade:   Now for the ebb and flow of the sweetest taboo.

Saphin, Jeff:   Come to the psychedelic world of Jeff and see and hear what Life on Mars is like.

Sara K:   The consummate artist has been wowing jazz and folk circles all around the world.

Savage Garden:   They defined what I used to call pop music. Their debut album took me to the moon and back.

Scorpions:   These stinging hard rockers from Germany have some of the most melodic well-crafted ballads to date. We've been with them since the flight of the lonesome crow.

Searchers:   At the time I may have been too young for Love Potion #9, but I was on needles and pins when they invaded our shores.

Shannon, Del:   Two of George's favorite memories as a child in Tonawanda were "Handy Man" and "Runaway." There was truth in his falsetto.

Shea, Patti:   Part of the Philly folk/rock scene, Patti is a presence you simply can't ignore.

Siberry, Jane:   Our Queen of Sheeba. This mysterious Canadian songweaver is far from clueless.

Sky:   No, not the r&b group with the extra y nor the turn of the century ambient group, these world class musicians fused classical music and rock. And no, this John Williams didn't compose the Star Wars soundtrack.

Smith, Geri:   She is the Carole King of our times. Check out Geri's tapestry of richly woven and emotionally introspective songs.

Sniff 'n' the Tears (Paul Roberts):   A cool band that we thought would have stayed in the driver's seat a lot longer. Another great artist, Loz Netto came out of this group.

Songwriters Directory:   Our companion passes off the baton to this fact filled site which will take you farther on down the road.

Souvenirs, The:   They say its the Bakersfield sound, which means they qualify as western rock. They're not just for tourists.

Spinal Tap:   Between all of us, we must have more than 20 of their albums. They are one of our top 11 bands of all time. With majestic rock making a comeback, the time is right for them to tap into the market again.

Spirit:   In a "Mechanical World" they were ahead of their time. And then they threw away the machines for "Nature's Way." And in Orwellian fashion they came back with "1984." You can see why the spirit was alive in our house.

Springfield, Dusty:   Considered the top female vocalist to come out of the UK. You'll never hear a voice like that again.

Stevens, Cat:   In a wild world, Cat gave us such soothing and melodic classics as "Sad Lisa" and "Morning Has Broken." We could use a Peace Train these days.

Stewart, Al:   He's probably living off the royalties of "year of the Cat." However he ranks as one of our all-time favorite lyricists. He had the gift of being able to take a historic event and spinning it into a personal and melodic folk rock gem. George froze in his tracks the first time he heard "Roads to Moscow."

Sting:   Ex-cop has always found ways of mixing genres into a style he could call his own.

Strawbs:   The ultimate folk rock band. This site also features Strawbs offshoots such as Hudson Ford.

Styx:   Lady, Suite Madame Blue, The Grand Illusion. Remember those days when you had too much time on your hands? Styx kicks.

Sweet, The:   The godfathers of glam. They were a breath of fresh oxygen.

Synergy/Larry Fast:   This electronic music pioneer was way ahead of the current trend.

Tangerine Dream:   The fathers of electronic and ambient music. Their soundtracks added class to every movie they touched.

Ten:   In the 90s, while we weren't looking, an unknown supergroup in the spirit of Kansas, Deep Purple, and other melodic hard rock groups, put out several stunning albums. Better late than never to feel the power of Ten.

Thompson, Lindsey:   One of UK's hidden secrets, she's a folk artist with more of a pop feel. We love the song "What's Wrong With That."

Tosun, Sylvia:   This exotic songstress will dance through your soul with her intoxicating brand of world pop. An artist of anthemic proportions.

Toto:   A musician's band. Although they shined brightly as session players, they were the best "in toto."

Troggs:   Love is all around for a band that was banned in a lot of places. They're quite tame compared to today's barrage of in-your-face "explicities."

Turtles, The (Flo & Eddie):   Going into their 5th decade and still happy together. They were the flow and eddy in rock's whirlwind years.

Ultravox:   How we loved the dangerous rhythms. One of the ultra cool bands out of the British glam scene.

Ure, Midge:   The man who succeeded John Foxx at Ultravox and took them to Vienna and beyond. Midge, who is like Bono and Edge in one body, has put out some fine solo albums as well.

Uriah Heep:   They were very heavy and very humble and the harmonies were magical. George had more than 20 of their albums during his vinyl stage.

Usmanova, Yulduz:   Born in Tashkent, this Uzbek musical prodigy is an international superstar.

Vearncombe, Colin (Black):   The James Bond of Rock use to record under the moniker of Black. It was a wonderful life, indeed.

Vega, Suzanne:   In a past chapter of life George and Suzanne were editors at Crown Publishing, in case you were playing "six degrees of separation."

Vissi, Anna:   This Greek goddess has rocked the world. Passion is passion in any language.

Waite, John:   Ex Babys vocalist continues to grow on you.

Wetton, John:   Bassist/vocalist has been everywhere around the world from UK to Asia.

White, Tony Joe:   The original Swamp Thing. White's bluesy guitar and low sensual voice is a potent combination. Could have sworn we saw Polk Salad Annie behind those steamy windows.

Whitman, Slim:   Star Wars may have had Yoda, but Slim had yodel.

Wicomicos, The:   Urban folk in a merry land.

Wilde, Kim:   George, in his younger days, used to have a serious crush on this British pop star. The reason she makes the list is that she is really good. Besides any pop song with Cambodia in the title is worth a listen.

Winchell, Terry:   Terry's always been one of our favorite old standbys. This veteran folk rocker has the goods and delivers them consistently.

Wishbone Ash:   Aah the days in twin lead guitar heaven. Argus was one of the true classic albums of a rock era that should have never left. The Ash keeps rising from the...

Wylie & the Wild West:   Here's where you get the total yodel. Just grab me a campfire and a song.

Yankovic, Weird Al:   He's got two tickets to parody.

Yanni:   Yeah, we've heard the yawny comments, but this fellow Hellenic Spirit has had some very inspiring moments.

Yello:   Oh Yeah, that Ferris Bueller song. This slightly weird German synth duo mixes exotica, erotica, and melodica in a passionate, fashionable cocktail. You have to check out their part-time lead singer, Shirley "Goldfinger" Bassey.

Yoakam, Dwight:   The Bakersfield Cowboy epitomizes what is good about country music. It certainly is a website for sore eyes.

Young, Neil:   Everybody remembers their first time... and their first LP (CD). George's record collection debuted with "Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere." An artist who will stay forever Young.

Zombies:   The 60s British invasion was the time of the season I will never forget.

Zucchero:   One of the best full-bodied blues and rock vocalists in the world. This Italian legend could be your sugar fix anyday.