AD Critic:   Commercial junkies here you go. All the ads you want without that sitcom filler. Ever wonder what song was playing on that commercial you just saw?

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences:   Where Oscar calls home.

Academy of Television Arts and Sciences:   Home of the Emmy Award.

Ad Flip:   The world's largest archive of classic print ads.

All Movie Guide:   Celluloid heroes never feel any pain.

Animation World Network:   At GAG Order we believe in being animated and on some given days, downright comical.

Babylon 5:   I could babble on about what a great sci-fi show it was, but I'll let you go to the site instead.

Bob's World of Liberace:   Glitz, glamor, and camp of the showman that was. An exercise in flamboyancy.

Borderline Books:   Your reference to certain genres and eras of rock. These books have found a nice little niche for themselves.

Classic TV Database:   Your couch for classic TV.

Comics:   Your comic strip club.

Earth: Final Conflict:   Welcome to a world of Taelons and Jaridians and all that they breed. Another Roddenberry enterprise.

False Advertising - A Gallery of Parody:   Where ads don't quite add up. Sponsored by Snapper Fish Flavored Iced Tea.

Fame Tracker:   The Farmer's Almanac of "celebrity worth."

Farscape:   Filmed a light year away down under, one of the best of the new breed of sci fi tv shows. Take me to the pilot.

Film Wise:   For movie buffs with time on their hands.

Frank Herbert's Dune:   If you're a Dune bug, here's your ticket to the longer dramatic film much truer to the book.

Gilligan's Island Fan Club:   Is it one of your "gillty" pleasures? I always liked Mary Ann the best.

Greatest Films:   An informative motion picture site.

Hollywood Stock Exchange:   Tired of fantasy sports. Invest your time in music and movie stocks.

Images:   A journal of film and popular culture.

Jimmy Stewart:   In memory of my favorite actor, an everyman who made life more wonderful.

Jump the Shark:   For die-hard TV fans. Can you pick the moment your favorite show started going south. Ted McGinley is the patron saint of this very high frequency site.

Lost Musicals:   Shows on the Great White Way that couldn't go the distance.

Memento:   Don't know how long the site will stay up, but it was my favorite movie of 2001. And no, director Chris Nolan is not the Chris Nolan I co-wrote "Tango of Tears" with. Looking back, it's a memorable film.

Movie Review Query Engine:   It's the feel-good query engine of the year.

Museum of Advertising Icons:   From Jolly Green Giant to Charlie the Tuna, some of your favorite friends are here creating their own toy story.

Mysterious Strands:   If you're a mystery buff, get a clue. This is your portal to mystery writers, tv characters, and more.

Philip K. Dick:   Sci fi legend who may have dreamed of electric sheep.

Rotten Tomatoes:   Can't trust that one movie review you read? Here the tomatometer takes a sampling of a whole lot of them, at least a bushel's worth, which will give you a better idea on whether it's a killer tomato or a goner.

SF Site:   A novel site for sci-fi novels. Engage.

Sci Fi Channel:   At GAG Order, we're Sci Fi as well as Hi Fi.

SciFlicks:   Science fiction cinema all in one space.

Spy Fi Archives:   Forty years of TV and movie spy fiction brought to you by the C.I. A. See what Maxwell Smart's shoe phone looked like before they upgraded it to a palm pilot.

Stanley Kubrick:   A tribute to the late director and his body of work.

Star Trek Continuum:   It's a paramount site for trek fans. Right on Q.

Star Trek Hypertext:   Upon further review of DS9, Voyager, the original series and others.

Star Trek Library:   Shhhh!

Star Wars:   Luke, I'm your website.

Sunset Boulevard:   I'm ready for my closeup. One of my all-time favorite movies which happened to serve as the inspiration for our song "I've Seen the Stars Fall."

SyFy Portal:   Sci-fi news magazine with lots of Star Trek features.

TV Party:   The site that promises to stay hopelessly lost in the past. Waves of nostalgia will overcome you at this comprehensive look into the golden age of television.

The Fifties Web:   Most of the culture of the 50's revolved around entertainment. Don't stumble as you take a trip down memory lane.

The Love Boat:   Oh that sinking feeling when someone catches you linking to this site.

The Matrix:   While you're waiting for the sequel, let the web page weave some fun and advenure.

The Neverending Story:   A series of movie fantasies for the child at heart. Welcome to the webring.

The Princess Bride:   The Good Parts Website for one of my favorite movies.

The Stinkers:   The ultimate bad movie awards. They also give an award to the Oldest Looking Teenager. Revel in the rubble.

The Truman Show:   Jim Carrey's on 24-7 in this inventive and provocative film.

The Unknown Movies Page:   B-movies obscured by clouds.

The Wizard of Oz:   I've taken you to the site "There's No Place Like Oz," because WB's official website misses the whole point of the movie and its fans.

Theater Mania:   Whether you take the broad way to the theater or theatre abroad, check this playbill first.

This Is Sports Center:   Highlight reels of some funny commercials for ESPN. Where athletes and sportscasters mix it up for laughs.

Trek Today:   It's a star trek world with all the subspace news that's fit to transport.

Trek Writers Guild:   Readers trek on to these enterprising words.

Twilight Zone:   Submitted for your approval.

Welcome to Pleasantville:   Note to film studio: Make sure they don't completely colorize this film. This fan site is more true to the heart of this film.

What A Character:   It's all about character, character actors that is. They are the faces you can never forget.

Whimsy Load:   Welcome to the whimsical world of artist Rodney Alan Greenblat. He's been a hit in the finest galleries and now expands his horizons.

Who Is That:   Another site dedicated to the character actor. Hopefully the list of selected actors will continue to grow.

iFilm:   Your internet movie guide.