American Songwriter Magazine:   It’s all about what beats in the heart of a songwriter.

Authors’ Rights:   Check out their links for intellectual property rights organizations and services.

Billboard Song Contest:   This veteran songwriting contest used to stand alone, now it is one of several prestigious contests..

Cliché Site:   Every writer needs to know the cliché before you can twist it , turn it, or avoid it.

Copyright Forms:   Now you have no excuse. You can download the forms here. The money you have to get on your own.

John Lennon Songwriting Contest:   Imagine, a songwriting contest with prestige. Just go to “jealousy” (jlsc).

Muse’s Muse, The:   Free monthly newsletter with songwriting toolkit, contests, surveys, and more.

Nashville Songwriters Association International:   NSAI is one of the premier songwriters organizations. They put on Tin Pan South and other events and symposiums. It does all begin with a song.

National Academy of Popular Music:   Home of the Songwriters Hall of Fame. The organization also provides services and opportunities for songwriters.

New York Songwriters Circle:   If you’re a true songwriter at heart or are a true fan of the song, you should be at the Bitter End in NYC on the first and third Monday of every month.

Phrase Finder, The:   Pick one word and possible phrases phase on to your screen. Could be a nice little writing helper when you’re getting stuck on a lyric.

Rhyming Dictionary:   Looking for a lyric that is stratospheric, satiric, or pyrrhic and it rhymes as well?

Song Link International:   The perfect pitch sheet that covers the globe. Tipping is encouraged.

Songsalive:   A support group for songwriters.

Songwriter Universe:   Veteran publisher Dale Kawashima is doling some knowledge out to the masses. He offers an excellent and comprehensive resource guide, an informative magazine, and consultation and song evaluation services. As Noa says “universe begins with U ‘n’ I.”

Songwriters Guild of America (SGA):   A good starting off place to meet other songwriters, improve your craft, get some business savvy, and getting what’s yours.

Songwriters Resource Network:   SRN offers networking and resources for songwriters and that includes the often disenfranchised lyricists as well. Site is home to the Great American Song contest.

Songwriters World:   If you take your songwriting craft seriously, enter this world and be educated, inspired, and enlightened.

Taxi:   The independent A&R vehicle. Sometimes this business is all about the middleman. If you don’t have a publisher or you don’t have a clue, hail a taxi and maybe your demos will reach their final destination.

Thesaurus:   What’s another word for thesaurus?

U.S.A. Songwriting Competition, The:   One of the big boys in international songwriting contests.

Unisong International Song Contest:   Another fine and reputable international affair co-sponsored by our friends at Song Link.